Watch Material

Carbon Fiber Watch Case

Chronologia action watches are made of state of the art and light weight yet sturdy carbon fiber cases. The same carbon fiber material used in today’s military equipment such as aircraft, ships and other tactical gear; the same carbon fiber material utilized in performance racing vehicles and racing equipment: luxury sports cars, high performance bicycles, surfboards, and snow boards, etc.

Comparing the same amount of materials, carbon fiber is stronger than steel. This makes carbon fiber today’s material of choice and the ideal material for all Chronologia sport watches.

Sapphire Coated Crystal

The crystal is a critical part of a watch, especially sport and action oriented watches where durability and transparency are crucial.

Chronologia watches feature sapphire coated crystals ensuring scratch resistant protection to dial. The sapphire coating is an extremely durable synthetic material able to withstand tough action environments.

A non-reflective film is added to prevent glare and allow time reading and tracking in low light conditions.