Trigalight Watch

Always Luminous Watch

All Chronologia sport watches utilize Trigalight Illumination Technology thus allowing easy legibility of the time in all light conditions with a constant super luminous glow 24/7 on hands and markers for easy time-telling.

Trigalight watches unique illumination technology is essential for various activities when the ability to read the time in any light condition is important, such as, diving, military and tactical operations, and law enforcement.

Trigalight Watch Technology

Trigalight watch illumination technology is the result of decades of research; it is a safe, self-contained illumination technology using Tritium (H3 gas tubes) trigalight. Tritium, also known as “Super Heavy Hydrogen” is the third isotope of the element Hydrogen.

Tritium filled gas tubes are applied on the watch hands and various number indicators around the watch dial to provide easy reading and tracking of time. This unique illumination technology does not create additional drain on the watch batteries and does not require exposure to sunlight for recharging.

How Trigalight Illumination Works?

Small glass tubes are coated with luminous zinc sulphide. The glass tubes are then pressure filled with the Tritium gas and sealed with a laser. Once sealed, the tritium gas begins to deteriorate thus emitting electrons which excite the zinc sulphide powder thereby giving off a cold, continuous light.

Trigalight Illumination Technology provides a continuous light source that is up to 100 times traditional luminous watch dial markings and can last for approximately 25 years.