Chronologia Watches & Chronographs

Chronologia Watches and Chronographs

Chronologia are the sport and tactical watches for action.

There are no short cuts. Chronologia watches are the result of years of experience in design innovation and watch making culminating in great value and high quality through passionate designers, engineers and watchmakers committed in the manufacturing process.

Tactical and Sport Watches for Action

Demanding environments of outdoor sports such as racing, scuba diving, skiing and surfing are in need of dependable timepieces. Chronologia offers sport watches that are rugged enough for military-tactical purposes while also being lightweight, fashionable and performance based to satisfy today’s demanding consumer who leads an active, sports oriented lifestyle.

Always Luminous Watches

Each Chronologia timepiece is manufactured to enable instant measurement of time through the use of Trigalight Illumination tubes. Where seconds count, Trigalight technology allows the instant capture of time in any light or dark environment.

"The Wisdom of Time"

Chronologia is derived from the Greek word "KHRONOS" meaning TIME and “LOGIA” meaning WISDOM: The Wisdom of Time!

Just as those passionate about leading an adventurous and active lifestyle train and perfect their skills, years of research and product development have resulted in the creation of a brand of timepieces utilizing state of the art manufacturing techniques and materials.

Through the wisdom of time, Chronologia celebrates those who compete and strive to accept the challenges of life through adventure and sport.